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Published the Fri Mar 10, 2023 10:36 am
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These days, the phenomenon of gaming for money is becoming more and more popular, some people have actually earned a daily passive income through playing games. You can become one of them. The best part is that you can start for free.
What is Play-To-Earn?
Play-To-Earn games — are online spaces that provide players with opportunities to profit by leveraging their in-game assets.
There are several types of Play-To-Earn games. The most common are:
●Collectible games — players trade their in-game assets based on their rarity and hope value will increase over time
●Breeding games — players combine or mate their assets to produce new ones to trade
●Strategy games — players use their in-game assets to gain something in the game while competing with each other
●Grind games — players use their in-game assets to gain something in the game by performing a set of actions
●Staking games — players freeze their assets to gain something in the game
How Play-To-Earn games work?
Due to the nature of Play-To-Earn games, most of them are blockchain-based. Blockchain technology allows for security, transparency, and ease of transaction.
Blockchain Play-To-Earn games support cryptocurrency and blockchain-based assets like tokens and NFTs to promote free and secure markets for their players. Blockchain technology also ensures that players have true ownership and full control of their assets.
Play-To-Earn games are specifically developed with a market environment in mind. The game design includes one or multiple earning opportunities. Players get to trade with other players or even outside the gaming platform.
What do you need to join a Play-To-Earn game?
To start playing on the blockchain you don’t need much. Here are the basics:
●Phone or computer with internet access
●Blockchain wallet
●Access to the game’s telegram/discord chats and social media
Starting a blockchain game for free is tricky since every asset has monetary value. But there are ways to do it:
●Win—watch for giveaways on Telegram/Twitter or other social media channels. Get active in the game’s community to get your hands on some free assets.
●Ask—join the game's community chats and learn from the gaming experience. Be nice, polite, and try to make new friends along the way.
●Look for trial assets — some games will provide trial assets. With some patience and effort, you will be able to turn your first profit.
You will have to invest your effort, time, and skills. It might take some patience. But on the bright side, it will give you a great overview of the game and its community.
Starting with nothing can become a fun challenge or an exhausting endeavor. Make sure to choose a game and community you will actually enjoy before going hard at building your empire.
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